A Spunky News Sleuth Tracks a Monster on the Loose

“This is going to be the grossest story of the whole year, maybe even one hundred years!” shouts Sally Sue. She starts writing right away: “The night swelled like dissected guts of a banana slug when it is squashed between your toes, because you were barefoot and gazing at the UFO instead of looking at the ground where you were walking and where the banana slug was slugging.” Down the dark stairwell she steals, landing right smack in a rascal’s trap—slimed and suspended by a tree-turning-serpent. Her teeth grow super sharp, so she gnaws. Her hands are like paws with claws, so she scratches. She straddles that serpent’s back, “Giddyap!” To the skeleton bayou, then deep outer space, Sally Sue trudges gobs of sphagnum moss bogs, and a wormhole too, stopping at nothing to get her scoop. But the tables turn in Egyptian tombs and Sally Sue becomes the one pursued—by a green, hopping mummified ghoul.

The Night Groady Toady Came a-Knockin'

A Picture Story for Ages 2-8+