On a Quest for Consciousness

“If anyone could prove telepathy,” Powell says, “I predicted it would be non-vocal autistic children with savant skills.”

Powell works with an autistic patient, in 2015. A savant, this patient could speak seven languages by the age of two.
(Photo used with permission from Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, 2019.)

On a Quest for Consciousness:
Diane Hennacy Powell, MD, Sees Key in Glia

“No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” –Albert Einstein

     Suspended windows of colored glass filter high noon sun and swirling incense down the shadowed Tudor hallway, as the “hard” question of consciousness spins about the scientific sphere. How does our physical brain generate something so elusive as awareness? Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell has a theory, which she explains as she swivels her antique desk chair opposite the worn leather couch that she usually reserves for the patients she sees here at her home in Medford, Oregon. Her theory hints at human psychic ability, such as telepathy—communication absent of any known sensory input—and other anomalous experiences that have been widely rejected by the scientific community. Her idea first started while on faculty at Harvard Medical School. Powell encountered a patient who claimed to be psychic. “She was aware of current circumstances in my life, and she made predictions for me that ended up being true.”