When Miner 49’ers Disturb a Native Curse,
a Dark Dragon Resurrects Old Magic to Save an Ethereal World

Orville the Ore Cart Gold Rush Mysteries
A Series of Seven Scrolls
Historical Fantasy, Ages 8+

The Legend of Spider and the Thorns Ushered in a New Era . . .

. . . "Aye-yo! Aye, aye-yo!"

The Legend Of Spider and the Thorns
Aranon Mortimer and the Perilous Quest
The Curse of the Emerald Talon
The Empress of Sipha
The Crown, the Count, and the Crook
East Winds Blowing
Seven Knights of Orion

The Haunting of North Star Can Nay Be Denied, for Loot and Legend Ghost Pirates Have Spied
"Aye-yo! Aye, aye-yo!"