Coming Home

“My goal is to teach everyone that we were here,” Johnson says. “There was a whole civilization right here.”

Nisenan Representatives, Richard Johnson and Shelly Covert, in 2018 shared ancient tribal secrets about the Spirit of Water.
(Photo by Tess Grover, 2018)
Richard Johnson stands on the front porch of his Nevada City home in January 2019. As Nisenan Tribal Chairman, he wrote a book about the history of his People.
(Photo by T. Grover, 2019)

Coming Home:
Nisenan Leader, Richard B. Johnson, Seeks Tribal Justice for His People

Johnson (left), age 5, poses in 1954 with his younger half-brother, Bob Johnson, age 4, at the home of Nana Orzalli. The brothers were raised in foster care after being removed from the Nevada City Rancheria in 1951. (Photo used with the permission of Richard B. Johnson, 2019)